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Our guest bloggers from around the world contribute in depth thinking on topical issues.

“Covid-19: The Human Suffering And Anxiety Brings Children Possibilities For Emotional Growth”

How we can help children grow and learn from the Covid-19 pandemic. Neil Altman Thought Piece. Neil urges us to be brave about what we talk about with children; helping them avoid the blindspots adults have over issues such as racism and inequality.

Why Take Therapy Out Of The Clinic And Into The Heart Of Our Marginalised Communities?

After struggling to find a way to support marginalised, stigmatised and excluded children, young people and families from within the mental health system, Jay Perkins has taken his therapeutic work outside of clinics

Neglecting Neglect: Why we do it & How We Can Break the Cycle

Graham Music describes how we have to be increasingly aware of people who are stuck in shut-down dampened states and who do not ask for help as they have not ever learnt it is possible to have it due to early neglect. Here he describes the different types of neglect, the neurobiological findings and which clinical techniques might be helpful.

Carolyn Hart

Making the most of online therapy with children, in spite of the glitches! Video and Blog

What are the challenges of working online with children? How does it impact on the therapeutic relationship? And are there even some advantages? Carolyn Hart offers some innovative therapeutic approaches with children, such as taking them in nature first before switching to online therapy.

Adam Goren

10 Minute Read: Riffing On A Tiger Called Stripes

As many of us struggle to conduct our social and work life on screen, child psychotherapists have had to find ways to overcome the same challenge of virtual sessions with their young patients. In this playful blog for MINDinMIND, Adam Goren describes the role of improvisation in therapy in overcoming the struggle to form an online connection.

Neil Altman

How to Educate Young Children about Bullying: Video & Blog

How to reconcile adult hypocrisy and bullying whilst preaching kindness to children? Neil Altman argues we adults fail to help children come to terms with what they observe, because we don’t know how to integrate our own potential for violence and aggression with our kind and loving feelings.

Creative Curiosity and Constructive Skepticism in Psychoanalysis:

What Do Scholarship and Practice Have in Common? Stephen Seligman

Childhood Obesity:

A re-examination of what is really causing it. Graham Music

How can we help children through the emotional turmoil of Covid-19?

how we can help children through the impact of Covid-19. Judith Edwards