Launch event of MINDinMIND

On Oct 1st 2020 to officially launch MINDinMIND, Jane O’Rourke gathered a group of clinicians, who between them have had an enormous influence on child psychotherapy and the children and families they have dedicated their lives to helping.

The driving force of MINDinMIND has been to capture the voices of the founding greats of child psychotherapy and you can hear many of them gathered here in discussion about what best helps deprived and traumatised children.

·  Highlights include GIANNA WILLIAMS, a Consultant Child Psychotherapist and Psychoanalyst and  one of the most respected and incisive clinicians in child mental health today, who has developed ideas such as Double Deprivation which have become central to our understanding deprived children

·  RICKY EMANUEL joined her to discuss how organisations supposed to be helping deprived children can actually further deprive them, leading to Triple Deprivation, a concept developed by his late wife Louise Emanuel

·  GRAHAM MUSIC illuminated our understanding of  trauma with a psychoanalytic and neurobiological lens

·  STEPHEN SELIGMAN talked about the importance of Parent Infant Work and Selma Fraiburg with whom he worked

·  JEANNE MAGAGNA shared with us the magic of teaching child observation to parents

·  Valuable contributions from other child psychotherapist greats- LYDIA TISCHLER, ISCA WITTENBERG & MONICA LANYADO

So sit back and enjoy the wisdom that flows from these luminaries in child psychotherapy about what best helps deprived and traumatised children.

Thanks to everyone who spoke and attended the launch of MINDinMIND– in particular Gianna Williams and Ricky Emanuel. Thanks also to board members Graham Music, Stephen Seligman, Laura Mae Brown and Shivani Lamba for helping make it all possible.

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