Launch of MINDinMIND

The driving force of MINDinMIND has been to capture the voices of the founding greats of child psychotherapy and you can hear many in discussion about what best helps deprived and traumatised children at a recent event to mark the official launch of MINDinMIND.


  • GIANNA WILLIAMS on 60 years of experience working therapeutically with children and her theory, Double Deprivation which has become a key concept in understanding deprived children 
  • RICKY EMANUEL on how children in the care system can suffer further deprivation due to organisational difficulties
  • GRAHAM MUSIC on trauma through a psychoanalytic and neurobiological lens 
  • STEPHEN SELIGMAN on the importance of Parent Infant Psychotherapy and the work of Selma Fraiberg 
  • JEANNE MAGAGNA sharing the magic of teaching child observation to parents  
  • LYDIA TISCHLER on the importance of disseminating psychoanalytic thinking to a broader audience 
  • ISCA WITTENBERG on the value of endings
  • MONICA LANYADO on the importance of maintaining hope for our patients – especially at challenging times like these 
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