MINDinMIND presents The Child Psychotherapist:

We feel it’s appropriate that our first interviews on MINDinMIND are with the pioneers of child psychotherapy. For the first time, in one place you can hear from luminaries such as Anne Alvarez, Gianna Polacco Williams, Isca Wittenberg, Juliet Hopkins, Ann Horne, Jeanne Magagna, Dilys Daws, Monica Lanyado and Lydia Tischler.

They are responsible for establishing some of the first children’s therapy
services and developing theories and ideas which shape our clinical thinking today such as Double Deprivation and No-entry defences (Gianna Polacco Williams), Reclamation (Anne Alvarez), Containment (Ann Horne-coming soon!), Attachment (Juliet Hopkins), Endings (Isca Wittenberg), Infant Observation (Jeanne Magagna), Parent-Infant Psychotherapy (Dilys Daws) and Childhood Trauma (Monica Lanyado).


Interview with our oldest living child psychotherapist: Isca Wittenberg

At 98 years of age, and the oldest living child psychotherapist, Isca Wittenberg has had a lasting impact on mental health services for children and adolescents at the Tavistock Clinic in London and helped shape the thinking of generations of child psychotherapists whom she trained.

Dilys Daws

Working therapeutically to help babies and parents in difficulty: Dilys Daws

Interview with Dilys Daws, child psychotherapy pioneer, on her five decades working with babies, standing by a weighing scale in the same GP practice and collaborating with different child professionals and government ministers to raise the profile of infant mental health.

Juliet Hopkins

Juliet Hopkins has had a significant impact on child psychotherapy. As the niece of John Bowlby, she robustly defends his place in the field of psychoanalysis, shares her concept of ‘Too Good Mothering’ and how she has integrated attachment theory and research on intergenerational trauma. She recalls how Enid Balint lifted her from depression and how penis envy and hearing about penis envy was a completely normal part of everyday life!

Launch of MINDinMIND

On Oct 1st 2020 to officially launch MINDinMIND, Jane O'Rourke gathered some of the world's leading child psychotherapists who between them have had an enormous influence on child psychotherapy and the children and families they have dedicated their lives to helping.

Monica Lanyado

Child Psychotherapist Monica Lanyado is a prolific author and respected authority on the treatment of traumatised children. Here she draws on over 50 years of clinical practice to share her insights on how best to treat traumatised children and why maintaining hope is so important.

Gianna Polacco Williams

Gianna Polacco Williams on how deprived children can be helped therapeutically and the young boy Martin, who inspired her theory ‘Double Deprivation,’ which has become essential reading for all child therapists.

Lydia Tischler

Lydia Tischler was one of the first people to train with Anna Freud and her almost seventy-year career has been marked by courageous innovation. She tells Jane O’Rourke how her childhood, partly spent in a concentration camp, led her aged only 23 to begin training with Anna Freud.

Mind in Mind Trailer

Hear from Founder Jane O’Rourke as she shares the aims and vision of the new MINDinMIND website.