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The oldest living child psychotherapist: Isca Wittenberg on her 70 years shaping services and thinking on child & adolescent mental health

Welcome to MINDinMIND. Here you’ll find interviews and blogs with some of the world’s leading clinicians working in child mental health. They are sharing what they know about what best helps children and families.

Now more than ever, all of us working with children need the wisest minds to guide us. On MINDinMIND you’ll find leading clinicians sharing their research and thinking, so everyone can have access to the latest information about child mental health.

We are featuring clinicians who trained with the founding greats of child psychotherapy such as Anna Freud, John Bowlby, Melanie Klein and Esther Bick. Building on the work of their mentors, they helped create child therapy trainings and services all over the world, published hundreds of books and papers and in doing so made radical changes to the outcomes of countless numbers of children and their families. Now in their 70’s, 80′ and 90’s, they are a precious legacy and resource in the development of our understanding of child and family mental health. The wisdom that flows from their interviews is needed more than ever today.

On MINDinMIND you’ll also find the latest thinkers and innovators sharing what their experience has taught them about children in our Thought Pieces. The issues they discuss are diverse and thought provoking such as obesity, race, neglect, online therapy , scholarship in psychoanalysisand how families can cope in these times of extreme challenge.

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